The Advancements in AI and its Impact on K12 School Education and Parenting

Santosh Kumar AV
3 min readMay 30, 2023

In today fast-changing landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has witnessed rapid growth and impacted various aspects of our lives. Education is no exception as AI opens pathways to monumental shifts transforming how institutions infuse advanced technologies into the learning process. Large Language Models and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) are poised to revolutionize not only K12 school education but also redefine the future of parenting. This article explores how these emerging technologies will reshape educational experiences and foster meaningful collaboration between educators and parents.

It will enable learners to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Part 1: K12 Schools and the Future of Education

1. How Large Language Models and AGI Integrate with K12 Schools

Large Language Models such as OpenAIs GPT 3 are capable of generating texts with human level precision, understanding context, answering questions, summarizing articles, among others.

Meanwhile AGI refers to a type of AI that can understand learn apply its cognitive abilities to multiple intellectual tasks similar to human intelligence.

K12 schools can benefit from infusion applications of AI powered engines. Revamping traditional learning techniques by facilitating dynamic teaching methodologies based on student improvement data can revolutionize educational practices.

2. Shift towards Personalized Learning Experiences

Using AI driven educational tools is their ability to personalize learning for individual students appeals most significantly to teachers as well as parents alike.
Through understanding each learner’s unique needs ,strengths ,and weaknesses through analysis algorithms in built within AI models which helps offer customized learning paths ensuring every student receives the level of support they require .For instance analyzation through methods such machine learning algorithms can establish students’ learning histories effectively identifying the areas that may require focus enabling teachers to design instructional strategies tailored specifically towards addressing these gaps effectively .This targeted pedagogy not only helps students master challenging concepts making learning effective but also fosters a sense of self confidence and motivation to learn.

PART 2: The next sections elaborate further on the future of parenting through AIs advent.

Through the use of AI driven educational tools in K12 schools we have the potential to democratize access to quality education. Large Language Models and AGI can aid in bridging the digital divide by providing personalized learning resources for students in traditionally underserved communities.

AI powered tutoring and language learning apps have the ability to offer remote or socio economically disadvantaged students access to resources that rival those found in urban institutions. Modern parents are constantly seeking new methods to support their childs academic growth as well as emotional welfare which comes hand in hand with it.

To achieve these goals helps them prepare their children for an ever changing educational landscape at school — particularly during the pandemic era where mobile learning has become more essential than ever before. Alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI), proposed technology can obligate outcomes empowering tomorrows workforce: personalized education which contributes meaningfully towards overcoming socio economic challenges. But it is essential as a responsible parent to maintain the crucial balance between technological dependence and human interaction.

We must continue to recognize and foster meaningful relationships with students while nurturing qualities like empathy and emotional intelligence that are unique to humans. Striving for a balance between AI driven interventions and sincere human connections enhances learners experiences that extend beyond formal education at school; preparing them for success in life.



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